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Analyze Search Intent at a Glance

Aggregate and visualize Google's "topic filters" to understand your audience's search behavior and intent.

Enhance Your SEO and Content Strategy

Identify key modifiers and themes to guide your content creation, keyword targeting, and overall marketing approach.

Dive Deep into Audience Insights

Explore frequency and affinity data for each search modifier, revealing what matters most to your target audience.

Explore topical maps easily

Explore detailed entity maps enriched with search modifier data, covering all aspects of a chosen topics.

Extract Valuable Real Time Data Directly from Google

Leverage data from Google Images labels and search modifiers to gain a better picture of entity relationships and user intent.
Topically extracts these data and shows them in a hierarchical manner.

Use entities in your content

Connect entities with ontologies or other entities within your pages to enrich your content or identify potential links between connected entities.





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